There are two types of direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) electric current. The direct current has the characteristic of being constant in time, with its well defined value and always circulating in the same direction in an electric conductor.

The alternating current has the characteristic to be variant in time, alternating the direction in which it crosses a conductor. Because it is alternated, it has some characteristics like frequency, amplitude and phase. Alternating current is used in many applications, especially in high power systems, industries and electrical machines best prices for baldor em4114t. Appliances such as electric kettles, refrigerators and washing machines are usually used with alternating current motors.

Generators of the alternating current type are used in the power plants (hydroelectric, thermoelectric and nuclear). Almost all electricity transmission and distribution networks around the world are of this type (CA). Electronic systems such as computers, radios, telephones, etc. they work with direct current and it is the type of current generated by all types of batteries and batteries, with no exceptions. All electronic circuits need a source of electrical power to power them. Generally this power source is a source of continuous voltage.