Polpettone à Parmegiana, from Jardim de Napoli
Who doesn’t love a good, classic Italian restaurant? Jardim de Napoli is one of the traditional
gardens of São Paulo, founded in 1949 by Toninho Buonerba. With fresh ingredients, which
follow the Italian tradition, the house’s fame is due to the succulent Polpettone à Parmegiana
(R$ 79) – 350 grams of ground beef, stuffed with mozzarella, breaded with special
breadcrumbs, topped with tomato sauce and parmesan. The dish is available in two sizes:
small and large. The tip is to ask for a side dish. Make your order through the house’s website
or by phone: (11) 3668-8383 and (11) 3666-3022.
Rua Martinico Prado, 463 – Vila Buarque
Alpharetta ga bests italian restaurants
Classic, with contemporary hints. Young, but carries in its DNA the essence and tradition of
Italian cuisine. That’s Ristorantino, located in a house on Rua Melo Alves, with a mezzanine
and a romantic terrace. It has a kitchen run by chef Henrique Schoendorfer (formerly Fasano)
that shines with his seasoned tuna tartar, organic leaves, heart of palm and capelin roe (R$89
individual or R$147 for 2); Green agnolotti stuffed with artichokes, tomato and thyme sauce
(R$ 87 single or R$ 131 for 2); Spaghetti with shrimp, scallops, lobster, squid and pepperoni
with San Marzano tomato sauce (R$138); and finish with Caramel Pistachio Pudding (R$ 35).
Orders can be placed via iFood or self-delivery via WhatsApp (11) 97096-1234.
Rua Dr. Melo Alves, 674 – Cerqueira César / Tel.: (11) 3063-0977