It is of the utmost importance that electrical machines be stored so that drainage is facilitated and effected properly. Therefore, the heating resistors can never be energized at times when the engine is running. In the case of motors not being installed soon after the acquisition, they must be stored in suitable places, such as dry environments with relative air humidity up to 60%, with a temperature that can vary between 5 ° C and 40 ° C ° C, protected from any type of dust, vibrations, gases and corrosive agents.

The motors shall be kept at a uniform temperature in the normal position and without any object resting on them.

It is necessary to remove the pulleys from the shaft end and keep them free and with protective grease in order to avoid corrosion. If the motor has a heating resistor, it must be energized at all times when the engine is not in operation. In these situations, depending on the ambient conditions, condensation of water inside the engine may occur, resulting in a drop in insulation resistance.