However, there are exceptions to this rule: Asian restaurants may have many items on
the menu, but they use a small amount of the same ingredients, just in different
combinations. We used to eat at self-service restaurants when our kids were little. They
were forbidden to help themselves because children are unpredictable and it’s
disgusting to touch food, especially when it’s for everyone. They totally
understood. However, some parents did not give the same education to their children, I
have seen children licking spoons or putting their finger in food. Once, a child served
two servings of jelly with whipped cream, his father said no, so the boy came back and
put the dessert back on the buffet . I got so sick. Some adults also have the same
behavior—coughing, sneezing, putting spoons of food close to their nose to sniff and
then putting it back. I haven’t frequented this type of restaurant for 10 years. If
the hostess or waiter are not ready to serve you or are talking to the bartender, SEE
you are waiting and still decide to continue the conversation, chances are you won’t
have a good experience in a place where it’s not right serviced. Great restaurants in roswell ga