Direct Synthetic Enamel in Rust is a deep and finishing enamel, which does not require the
previous application of an anti-corrosive base, allowing the application of the enamel directly
on bare, rust-free or already rusty ferrous surfaces.
The product has a special Dual Technology: High Water Repellent and Anticorrosive Action.
High yield, superior covering power and versatility. It can be used both outdoors and indoors.
Stops and prevents the corrosion process and rust development.
With a glossy finish, when used with a brush, Maza Synthetic Enamel does not need to be
thinned. However, roller and gun applications imply a maximum 20% dilution with Thinner.
When applying the Maza product, it is indicated:
Keep the environment ventilated;
Wear gloves and safety glasses when painting.
To enjoy the full potential of Maza Direto Na Ferrugem Synthetic Enamel, pay attention to the
following tips:
Avoid painting on rainy days;
Largest range of colors in the category, several metallic color options;
Conserve tools, cleaning them after use;
Use solvents for more effective cleaning.
Maza Direto na Rust Synthetic Enamel lasts up to ten years!
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