The basic principle of operation of the DC motor is: “Whenever a conductor conducting an electric current is placed in a magnetic field, this conductor experiences a mechanical force¬® this generates torque and rotation of the motor shaft. A DC motor is made by an axis coupled to the rotor which is the rotating part of the motor and the stator is composed of a magnet. The switch has the function of transferring power from the power supply to the rotor.

By feeding the DC switch, a direct current will be generated which is transferred to the coil through the contact of the switch brushes with this coil TIMKEN 472439. The function of this switch is to be the link between the power source and the DC motor rotor. The direction of mechanical force is given by Fleming’s left-hand rule. The magnetic field is generated between the north and south poles of the magnet and has a direction from north to south. The torque that will drive the coil and also the rotor and the magnetic flux density is called B.