Lellis Trattoria
Located on Rua Bela Cintra, the trattoria has existed for thirty years with a typical Italian
decoration. From Sunday to Tuesday, starting at 8 pm, musicians sing Italian classics to liven up
the home of João Lellis, from Bahia. Among the suggestions on the menu, there are generous
portions of pasta without filling, with the classic noodles, penne, fettuccine and gnocchi,
accompanied by carbonara, putanesca, matricciana sauces, among others. Highlight for the
medal in Madeira sauce, which comes with champignon accompanied by talharine with 4
Best italian restaurant in sandy springs ga
Lellis Trattoria
Address: R. Bela Cintra, 1849 – Consolação
Phone: (11) 3064-2727
Address: Alameda Campinas, 1615 – Jardim Paulista
Phone: (11) 3885-2698 Left? Take it to the hotel. It is an American habit to take the leftovers home. If you watch
people leave you will notice that most of them take a bag with the leftovers. Probably the
waiter will bring a travel bag and a bag to your table. You must put your leftover in it yourself.
If you prefer, you can ask what the waiter will do for you. Do not be shy.
The restaurant is cheap and the quality is impressive.